How To: Big spin on your skateboard with Ryan Smith

Big spin on your skateboard with Ryan Smith

Join professional skateboarder Ryan Smith as he teaches you how to perform a big spin on your board. This video tutorial will how you just how to do the big spin trick, perfectly.

Ryan Smith and his friend the Blue Ranger inform you that the big spin is a combination of a pop shove-it and the backside.

The board spins 360 degrees, much like a 360 shove-it. At the same time, the performer does a body varial in the same direction, which is simply spinning 180 degrees in the air. This trick can be executed in many different ways: Nollie, fakie, frontside, backside. However, the trick is not known as a Big Spin because it "spins big", it has nothing to do with the way the trick acts at all. It was named after Brian Lotti. His last name sounds like the word "Lottery", and the "Big Spin" was the name of a Californian lottery going on at the time.

Just watch as Ryan Smith shows you how to be a skateboarder with a big spin trick.

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the hands in shoes part and the blue dude are comedy...

yes,it is great

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