How To: Do A Kickflip On A Skateboard

Do A Kickflip On A Skateboard

So, you want to learn how to kickflip? As with other skateboarding tricks, this requires mental and physical practice.

Foot Position

You want to put your back foot on the concave of the back of the board, and your front foot hanging half way off the board, angles 90 degrees, three quarters up the board.


You are going to want to stomp with your back foot. A split second after that you are going to want to flick your front ankle forward and out. This will cause the board to flip toward you in a kickflip motion.


When you see the grip tape coming around from the flip, stomp down with both feet.


You need to commit to your trick. If you do not put 100% into your trick, you will not get 100% out of your trick.

Tips - Key Points

  • Make sure to take it slow. 
  • Start out on carpet or in grass. Once you have mastered that, then you can move onto concrete, and before you know it, you will be doing kickflips down stairs! 
  • Also DO NOT BE SCARED OF THE BOARD! The board only does what your body makes it do.
  • Always remember safety first. Always wear a helmet, and other needed pads at all times.


This is NOT a simple trick. It requires many hours of hard work and dedication. The main problem people have with learning the kickflip is lack of fun. If you are not having fun, then why are you skateboarding?

TRY IT! Have fun!

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