How To: Drop in on a vert ramp with Colin McKay

Drop in on a vert ramp with Colin McKay

In this how-to video, professional skateboarder Colin McKay teaches you how to drop in on a vert ramp. What's a vert ramp? A vert ramp is a form of half-pipe used in "extreme sports" such as skateboarding.

Colin McKay suggest learning it on the mini ramp first, before you move on to the vert. You can practice this boarding trick by getting used to the ramp, pumping up and down until you get high enough, and start tapping your tail.

Watch as Colin McKay tells you how to make sure your wheels are in the open, back foot on the tail, and knees bent. When you begin dropping in, it's all about leaning forward.

Dropping in on a skateboard can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what your doing, so be careful and have fun.

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