How To: Frontside 180 on a skateboard

Frontside 180 on a skateboard

There are tons of cool tricks you can do on a skateboard and an FS 180 is one of the most fun. The FS 180 or FrontSide 180 is a neat move. This video will take you through the steps necessary to perform an FS 180 on your own.

Step 1
Start at a moderate, comfortable speed. Twist inward. Just before you Ollie, twist your upper body a bit by bringing your back arm across your chest and letting your torso follow. Ollie and spin.

Step 2
Pop the skateboard with your back foot, kick with your heel and spin the board. Swing your back arm forward and rotate your hips as you jump so your back foot goes 180 degrees and comes back to the front.

Step 3
Land with your back foot forward. Bend your knees slightly. Ride away!

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