How To: Grip-tape your casterboard deck

Grip-tape your casterboard deck

Grip-taping your casterboard is very important for traction, and if you don't know how, this video will help you, with three different methods of putting grip tape on the deck of your casterboard. Ryan Wilson and Axis shows you the tricks to gripping your board.

Be careful with the tools and always ask for help when needed. Hopefully, this video will help you with all your customizing needs when it comes to grip-taping your caster board. And kind of board will do— Axis, Ripstik, Waveboard or Timberwolf.

Casterboarding is mush like skateboarding, and a lot like snakeboarding, but feels more like snowboarding or surfing, just there's no water, only pavement. This combination makes it difficult to learn tricks, but grip-taping your board is easy.

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