How To: Perform an ollie on a street skateboard

Perform an ollie on a street skateboard

Street Skateboarding: Take It to the Streets

The guys on the prefab ramps and half-pipes make the X Games headlines, but the real frontier of the skateboarding world is out on the street, where everyday obstacles become the tools of the trade. Find out here how to turn your street into a house of shred. Watch this video tutorial to see how to perform an ollie on a street skateboard.

Trick: Ollie
Difficulty: Easy

1. Position your tail-end foot on the tail
2. Place your front foot near the middle of the board
3. Guide the board's flight with the front foot
4. Slide the front foot up towards the nose (lifting/guiding the board)
5. Guide the board back down and land in the same position
6. Concentrate on balancing on your back foot, pop off of it and land on both feet

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