How To: Varial kickflip on your own skateboard

Varial kickflip on your own skateboard

Remember: a varial kickflip is basically a pop shove-it with a little more ankle action, so set up like you would for a pop shove-it. Hit the tail as you would for a pop shove-it, and as the board starts to snap up, flick your front foot just like a kickflip. That action will cause the board to flip while the shove-it action from your back foot will make the board turn 180 degrees below you. Don't flick the flip too hard or it will flip away from you like a crazy 4th of July firework. Let the whole trick have a "rolling" motion to it. Move your feet out of the way as the board does its thing below you. Let the board smack you in the feet as you catch it at the height of the trick. Use your feet and hips to guide the board back straight as you drop back down.

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