How To: Do skateboard eggplants at a skatepark

Do skateboard eggplants at a skatepark

Park Skateboarding: Show Off Your Skills

The first skateparks appeared in the 1970s, and nowadays, they're the epicenter of the skateboarding world, a place to see and be seen. That being the case, you don't want to show up to the park without your "A" game. Let our trick guide get you up to speed. Watch this video tutorial to see how to do skateboard eggplants at a skatepark.

Trick: The Eggplant
Difficulty: Hard

1. Part of the hand plant family of tricks
2. Approach the lip
3. Plant the front hand on the spine
4. Keep your back hand on the board, between your legs
5. Extend as much as you can
6. Land and ride away

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