News: Surf the pavement on a freeboard

Surf the pavement on a freeboard

Ever since Stacy Peralta and the Z Boys brought surfing out of the sea, skateboarding has been confined to its rigid four wheels.

The fluidity of carving a wave or deep powder is now (two wheels) closer to reality...with the freeboard.

The extra two wheels in the center give the board radical carving, stopping and sliding capabilities.

The patented Freebord was invented in San Francisco, a city plagued by steep hills---a traditional skater's nightmare. Freeboarders Bob and Sica beautifully illustrate the 'stop on the dime' capabilities of the modified skateboard right in the middle of a busy and steep intersection.

So, you can stop waiting for the snowflakes to fall or the swell to come in. Freeboarding is the next great thing in extreme sports.


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