How To: Pivot fakie on your skateboard with Danny Way

Pivot fakie on your skateboard with Danny Way

Check out this video tutorial from professional skateboarder Danny Way on how to perform a pivot fakie trick on your board. Danny Way will show you how to do this move on the mini ramp, for your safety.

This pivot fakie is an essential trick for the building blocks of a lot of tricks in skateboarding, so let Danny Way show you how it's done. After learning this, you can move to bigger and better tricks, like the ollie fakie and the kickflip fakie.

Make sure your shoulder stays turned forward, that way when the time is right, you can suck it right back into fakie. If you go up on the ramp ledge and turn your shoulders, you'll end up going back down the wrong way, like a normal pivot. Danny Way shows you all about it, just watch, will ya?

Just be patient and confident.

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