How To: Perform a 50-50 backside on a street skateboard

Perform a 50-50 backside on a street skateboard

Street Skateboarding: Take It to the Streets

The guys on the prefab ramps and half-pipes make the X Games headlines, but the real frontier of the skateboarding world is out on the street, where everyday obstacles become the tools of the trade. Find out here how to turn your street into a house of shred. Watch this video tutorial to see how to perform a 50-50 backside on a street skateboard.

Trick: 50-50 Backside
Difficulty: Hard

1. Almost the same as front side 50-50, but...
2. You'll want to approach the obstacle at an angle
3. Obstacle will be coming from behind you now (requires a bit more accuracy)
4. Ollie up to it
5. Land on the obstacle and grind the obstacle on both trucks (between the wheels)
6. Grind the length of the obstacle
7. Ride off, land clean and roll away

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