How To: Ollie blunt on a skateboard with Danny Way

Ollie blunt on a skateboard with Danny Way

If you know how to perfrom an ollie on a skateboard, why not try for somthing bigger and more challenging? This how-to video with professional skateboarder Danny Way shows you how to do an ollie blunt on a skateboard.

An ollie blunt is one of the more frustrating tricks there is to learn. The move is very similar to pivot fakie on your board as far as the entry goes, but Danny Way shows you the rails.

To ollie blunt, come up, resting your tailend of the skateboard on the edge, but be careful not to bring your frontend to far down, or you'll loop out and fall backwards.

Danny Way states that when you come out of a ollie blunt, it's like a fakie ollie, and you have to actually ollie into the ramp, keeping your eyes on the front wheels at all times.

This tutorial will show you how to be as good as Danny Way, or maybe not.

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